To promote an inclusive and nurturing work environment, where individual differences and contributions are valued and reflective of the complex and changing demographics.



To be a catalyst to affect change towards organizational excellence through periodic educational forums which can assist in the development of a diverse workforce able to achieve their highest potential.



To assist Agencies in adapting to the changing workforce demographics.

To assist Agencies in sharing resources, concepts, methods and tools through educational forums by:          

  1. Networking
  2. Providing educational forums
  3. Adapting changing workforce demographics
  4. Building partnerships with external/internal customers
  5. Improving communications among and between Agencies
  6. Increasing productivity and cost effectiveness

To reflect the entire council’s mission, the Steering Committee recommended that the name “Workforce Diversity Council” be changed to the Partners in Equality Council.  The entire council adopted this name change on February 7, 1996.