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What can you do as an individual? 

Start or join a vanpool:  Click here!

Bicycle to your destination instead of driving!  Click here to download a map of Philadelphia's bike routes!  Look in the lower right corner.

Looking for more biking enthusiasts?  Click here to find other bike fans and more maps of bike routes in Philadelphia.

Use Energy Star and WaterSense devices in and around your home.

Recycle your Hazardous Waste and Electronics!  Click here to find a collection near you!

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What is the Federal Green Challenge?  The Federal Green Challenge is a national initiative under US EPA's Sustainable Materials Management Program,  challenging EPA and other federal agencies throughout the country to lead by example in reducing the Federal Government's environmental impact.

Federal offices or facilities start their participation by choosing a focus in waste, electronics, or purchasing and then choosing a second focus area from any of the six areas that are part of the Federal Green Challenge. Members commit to a reduction goal of at least 5% per year in their two focus areas.

Did you know? 

The Federal Government:
Is the nation's largest vehicle fleet operator with more than 600,000 vehicles;
Is the largest consumer of energy in the US economy;
Is the largest purchaser of goods and services in the US, spending $425 billion each year; and
Controls a real estate portfolio of more than 1.2 million assets, including 550,000 buildings. 

Information on the Federal Green Challenge, including how to join and dates for upcoming webinars, can be found at

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