This is the central location for registration links for upcoming Philadelphia FEB events. 

Please note:  All events are virtual until further notice. 


January 20:  Providing a Quality Customer Service Experience:

January 25 - 27:  Basic Mediation:

January 26:  Executive Women in Motion:  Registration is not yet open

January 27:  Leading and Engaging a Hybrid Workforce:

February 1:  FERS Mid Career Retirement Planning:  Registration will open in early January.  

February 9:  Working through Change, Burnout, and Negativity:

February 10:  ECQs:  Registration will open in January

March 8 - 8:  Advanced Mediation:  Registration is not yet open.

March 10:  Conference for Front Line Supervisors:  Registration is not yet open

March 16:  Financial Literacy:  Registration is not yet open.